Kingdom of Rofehaven, bordered by Fleeds and Lysle on the west, the Ice Sea on the north, Ashoven, Seward, Lonnok, and Mystarria on the east, and Muttaya to the south.

It is the second largest, and second richest nation in Rofehaven, next to Mystarria, with its population near twelve millions people before the great war. They produce armor and grain, and many claim that they have the finest steel and cavalry in the world. They often host the Knights Equitable in they're abundant green fields.

They're military uniform is made up of a breastplate, silver cap with square top, and shields emblazoned with a white swan on a dun field.

It is ruled byKing Lowicker and later Queen Rialla Val Lowicker.

Locations within include:

Fields of the Moon
Kriskaven Wall

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