A small rat-like race. They stand around a foot tall. Females six nipples that they use to feed young pups. They live mostly in darkness, tunneling into human buildings. They are semi-intelligent: they care for their young, wear small bits of clothing, use rough tools, and even speak in a basic language.

"Ferrin are small egg-laying mammals about the size of an opossum. Fierce hunters, they were brought to the lands of Rofehavan to control rat populations in castles. The Ferrin have a crude intelligence and can use some tools, such as primitive spears and pry bars. They are notorious scavengers, stealing food, buttons, coins, and cloth—anything that they think is pretty or valuable. By the time that people discovered that Ferrin were a greater nuisance than the rats they hunt, the ferrin population had spread out of control."
-David Farland, The Runelords Project

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