Those who serve the power Fire and in turn are granted abilities are know as Flameweavers.

Powerful Flameweavers are known mostly to Southern nations though those that are less powerful can be found in the north.


@-Heat Control - The ability to raise the temperature of ones surroundings.

Pyrokinesis - The ability to create flame. There are varying limits to how much flame can be created or manipulated, depending on the Flameweavers power lever.

!-Immolation: The ability to surround your entire body with flame. Flameweavers with this ability give off a ready source of heat and can char the ground they walk upon even when not sheathed in flames.

!-The ability to pry secrets from the minds of men.

@- These abilities are associated with Flameweavers of limited power.
!- These abilities are associated with Flameweavers of great power.

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