Frowth Giants

The Frowth first traveled to Rofehaven about one hundred and twenty years before Book 1. A tribe of around four hundred crossed the Ice Sea while it was frozen. They were wounded, and clearly fleeing something but were unable to master any human language to explain their position. They communicate to humans mostly through rough gestures. Over time, most Frowth migrated into Indhopal where lords would hire them as mercenaries and laborers.

Their bodies are covered in greasy yellow hair and fur. They have silver eyes. They are known to stand around twenty-feet tall and eight feet wide. They have snouts longer than a horse and their teeth are very sharp. Their pelt is relatively thick. They can live to be quite old. Some of the Frowth who first came to Rofehaven, fought in the wars of Book 1.

They do not have a good sense of smell.

In times of war they wear ring mail covered in hide, and wield large oak poles banded with rings of iron.

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