Group of kingdoms to the south, led by the Storm King. Inkarran literally means Night Children. It is derived from Inz, meaning darkness, and karrath, meaning offspring. It is bounded by the Alcair Mountains and Rofehaven to the North East, Indhopal to the North West, the Caroll Sea to the East, and the Ghorat Ocean to the West. It has had closed borders with Rofehaven for thirty years, and has built the Runewall upon their border.

The people of Inkarra are known for their white hair, exceptionally pale skin and their ability to see in the dark. Inkarran warriors tend to hang their hair over their shoulders in corn braids. They wear blood-red tunics that fall above their knees, and wear perfect steel circles upon their front, back, forehead and upper arms. Tattoos are common, including runes, symbols representing ancestors and homes as well as as more common tattoos such as knots.

Their Assassins have been known to put sheepskin boots on the hooves of their horses in order to ride silently.

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