Kingdom of Rofehaven run mostly by merchant Princes. It is bordered by South Crowthen to the west, Fleeds to the south, Beldinook to the east, and the Ice Sea to the north, held back by rocky shores.

The wealthy tend to dress in flowing, elegant styles. Their troops carry green banners into battle, and wear purple robes with their armor. The merchant princes are often poorly respected by kings of note.

"Lysle is unlike other nations in Rofehavan in that it has no monarchy. You might say that in Lysle, profit is king. The country is run by cutthroat merchants, several hundred of them, each of them ruling over and representing their own merchant guilds.

Though they are called the "merchant princes," the fact as many of the guild leaders are women as men.

Lysle as a nation almost never wages an official war, since it is seen as unprofitable to do so. However, the guilds do manage to reap tremendous profits from other people's wars by supplying arms, armaments, and so on. Various guilds also have hired mercenary armies or assassins to wipe out royals in other nations that give them trouble or within their own nation. Guild wars are common the dyers fighting the weavers and so forth.

And, in Lysle perhaps more than any other nation in Rofehavan, appearance is everything, and so the folk of Lysle are known for their courtly appearance and namb-pamby ways.

However, don't let appearances fool you. Lysle as a kingdom is a rough-and-tumble place where a man soon learns to watch his own back, and anyone who attains the rank of Guildmaster is likely to be very dangerous in a duel.

Now, as for the Ice Sea—it does tend to break up in the summer so that shipping lanes open, but it is a dubious thing. There have been years when the shipping lanes never close, and at one point, there were three ferocious winters that came back to back and the ice never melted. That was when the Froth giants came down from the north into Rofehavan."

-David Farland, for use by the official Runelords Roleplay Board

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