Large, insect-like carnivores that primarily live beneath the earth. Reavers have multiple rows of green, crystalline teeth that are used for weapons, adornment and sometimes currency. They stand on four legs each with four toes. They have two extending arms that end in grasping fore-claws, giving the reavers the ability to make and wield tools. They have no eyes, but sense the world around them with philia on the plate of their skull and around their jaw line. Their heads are spade-shaped, which they use to dig under ground for protection and to set ambushes. The head has three interlocking plates, joined by cartilage. It can pop these plates in and out to squeeze through tight areas. For communication, they secrete scents that can linger in an area for an extended amount of time. They can grow exceptionally large and heavy. Their leathery skin often grows thick and hard to protect them from damage. When a reaver dies another reaver will eat its brain, gaining its memories and certain sense of immortality. Due to their size and bearing, reavers are excellent climbers. Reavers cannot swim, but are known to walk on the bottom of a lake or pond for short distances.

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