The depth and history of the world of The Runelords has led to a fair amount of role playing devoted to recreating the feel of the novels.

The Runelords Kingdoms

By the far the largest known RP, kingdoms is divided up by the different nations within the greater world. Role-play often focuses on large scale ideas, like war and the powers. Players have the ability to alter the history of the world, by conquering territories and playing main characters of their own creation.

Focusstone Fan Forums

The Focusstone Fan Forums are also home to some the earliest and still ongoing RP. Originally set in the fan created town of Inisfallen and featuring characters of other fantasy worlds, they have since moved to a strictly Runelords based setting, in The Courts of Tide. In contrast, this Role-Play is very small scale, focusing primarily on the events of the chosen city. While many people play Runelords, few play leaders or wizards.

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