The Runelords series exists in a fantastic world that is both unique, well defined, but with much room for discovery. It is this world that keeps many fans reading. In this vein communities have organized roleplaying in this world.

Runelords Roleplay

RunelordsRP, is a site solely dedicated to Roleplaying in the Runelords world. It's relatively easy to get started but with clear guidelines that lets the fan interact on a global level at times. This site focuses on the first series of novels, and the world does not hold any changes from the events of Worldbinder, effectively making it an alternate timeline, of the fans, from Lair of Bones and beyond.

There are occasional contributions by David Farland to help flesh out the world.

Focusstone Fan Forums

The fan forums for the books feature a folder devoted to roleplay as well. This roleplay focuses more on the small scale, taking place primarily in one city within the world. This has changed slightly with various iterations of the board, but is generally welcoming to new players as well.

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