The Days

Organization of people who serve the Time Lords. Often referred to a strange religion it is the days duty to record history as it happens, claiming to be impartial as to the outcome of any event. Each member of the Days gives their wit to another member, and then receives wit back form that same member, and creating two individuals whose minds are linked. One will follow an individual around from birth, whom the Time Lords think will affect history. The other stays in a secure location somewhere in the isles North of Orwynne and records the events as they unfold.

The act of sharing a wit usually drove people mad. Only the Days, whose selfless dedication overpowered their own identity, had mastered the process.

Days follow most leaders of import and are supposed to be neutral in the affairs of men. They never give advice or reveal the information they gather until after their subjects death. Some leaders suspect that they are nor truly neutral, but those who reject their Days, or do them harm, soon have all their secrets known to the world.

When two Days meet they will sometimes speak in code.

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