The Runelords

The Runelords is the name of of a series of books, a movie, and is often used in terms of the general world both of these take place in. It is considered a fantasy setting, but has many exceptions to the general assumptions of most fantasy genres. The key distinguishing traits of the Runelords world are:

* Humans are clearly the primary race. There are no elves withing the Runelords world, nor Dwarves, nor Halflings. Humans take center stage forcefully, and while other races do appear, they are clearly not the focus, and they are not familiar races.
* Elemental Magic System. The magic system in The Runelords rarely involves an arcane sorcerer, or divine paladin. Instead the magic is based on elemental Powers, and druid like rituals, as well as Rune Casting.
* Endowments. One of the main sources of power is from an ancient process of transferring one persons abilities, into another.

The Books

As of this writing their are six available books in The Runelords world, all written by the settings creator David Farland.

The Movie

A Runelords Movie is in early production stages, as of this writing, and based on the best selling novles.


A large fan base has arisen from the books and early interest in the movie, producing forums, fan fiction, this wiki, as well as…


A large and devoted community have formed on several sites, who collectively help build on the epic fantasy that is The Runelords.

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