Val Orden, Gaborn

One of the main characters in the series, Gaborn’s description will be broken up by book to try to minimize spoilers.

-General Description: He has dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Before Book 1: Prince of Mystarria and heir to the throne. His mother, grandmother, brother and two sisters were all killed by assassins. His father is King… He studied in the House of Understanding for eight years.

Book 1: Gaborn, tires to combat Raj Ahten by uniting the nations of Rofehaven. He travels to Heredon with his Days and Borenson to seek marriage with Iome. He values men based on their insight to the human heart. His endowments are: 2 smell, 2 wit, 2 brawn, 3 stamina, 3 grace, 1 or 2 sight, 2 or 3 hearing, 5 voice and 2 glamour.

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