Those who linger in the world after death are known as wights. They are commonly men but many wights from other races exist, including Toth. They appear as they did in life, only instead of being solid they appear to be made of light in shades of grey, dull blues and white. Other colors can occassionaly be seen from the wights past form, such as a Toth's crimson eyes. They can be heard shrieking and wailing when not purposefully using stealth.

Wights are known to be drawn by sound and movement. They often are found hiding in shadows.

Their touch can freeze the bodies of mortals, often leading in a slow and painful death.

Water and cold iron are know to be able to turn a wight, but those of great power can resist such weapons.

Powerful wizards can banish wights. A banished wight, shatters in a blinding flash, sending a wave of frost out as much as fifty feet in all directions.

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